The Lyrical Flute Legends 2021 virtual competition is now CLOSED.


Thank you very much to our wonderful judges, Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne Galway, we are privileged to have their expertise.

Lyrical Flute Legends by Karen North

Lyrical Flute Legends Virtual Flute Competition 2021
Prize Winners


1st prize: Monika Spangler (USA)

2nd prize: Joshua M. Agapito (Philippines)

3rd prize: Julia Bearsley (New Zealand))

Highly Commended:

Elinor Dixon (UK)

Lisa O’Connor (UK)

15-17 YEARS

1st prize: Fernando de Jesús González Garciá (Cuba)

(Teacher: Dalila Valero)

2nd prize: Rebecca Lim (Malaysia)

(Teacher: Sonia Croucher)

3rd prize: (not awarded)

13 & 14 YEARS

1st prize: Aleksandra Daria Kruszewska (Poland)

(Teacher: Beata Kierzkowska)

2nd prize: Emme Hensel (UK)

(Teacher: Carrie Hensel)

3rd Prize: Saskia Scheib (Australia)

(Teacher: Bridget Bolliger)

Highly Commended:

Lelde Pucite (Latvia)

(Teacher: Madara Behmane, Maija Zandberga)

Elana Sydenham (Australia)

(Teacher: Rosalie Bourne)

Emma Deed (Australia)

(Teacher: Rosalie Bourne)

11 &12 YEARS

1st prize: Jack De Ravin (Australia)

(Teacher: Kristin Potter)

2nd prize: Sofia Milekhina (Russia)

(Teacher: Ludmila Kolesnikova)

3rd prize: Claire Sieun Kim (New Zealand)

(Teacher: Natasha Chernousova)

Highly Commended: 

Luke Perrée (UK)

(Teacher: Andrew Harvey)

Connor Stoermer (Australia)

(Teacher: Kristin Potter)

Ziyu Wang (Australia)

(Teacher: Gavin Zev)

Louise Shen (New Zealand)

(Teacher: Natalia Chernousova)


1st prize: Irina Filipovich (Russia)

(Teacher: Irina Stachinskaya)

2nd prize equal: Isaac Jellett (UK)

(Teacher: Hannah Lang)

2nd prize equal: Erin Eaves (UK)

(Teacher: Jade Bultitude)

Highly Commended:

Fiona Ma (New Zealand) 

(Teacher: Elsa Shih)

Yusi Cheng (Malaysia)

(Teacher: Yong Ching Ting)


*All prize winners in 10 years & Under will also receive a gift subscription to the Little Flutes Magazine from FlutePlay (Canada)

A message from judges Sir James and Lady Galway to all participants in the Lyrical Flute Legends competition

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PRIZES: 1st, 2nd, 3rd places will receive a digital certificate and a voucher to spend at selected music retailers. The prizes are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash. Highly Commended winners will receive a digital certificate (which can be printed). Prize winners will be contacted by email - if you have not been notified by November 19, please contact:


ALL ENTRANTS: All entrants will receive a digital particpation certificate (which can be printed). This will be emailed to the address on your entry form - if you have not received your certificate by November 30, please contact:

VIDEOS: All entrants may now set their videos to "PUBLIC" on YouTube if they wish. Prize winners must not remove their videos from YouTube. Follow The Young Flute Player on social media (button links below) to see winning videos over the coming weeks.



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