• The Young Flute Player

    The Young Flute Player

What is The Young Flute Player?

Want something to inspire your beginner flute students? Want a tutor book that has EVERYTHING you need to start playing the flute?

The Young Flute Player or TYFP is a collection of 5 books containing comprehensive resources for teaching beginner players to master the flute. The books are perfect for either child or adult beginners and are user friendly, with easy to read notation, cartoon illustrations, music games and composition activities.

The Young Flute Player Collection

All books follow a progressive learning structure, and contain technical exercises, performance pieces, fingering charts and more. Book 1 is designed to be a simple introduction to the basics of playing a flute, with Book 2 subsequently developing skills until the end of 2nd grade. Book 3 is the Teacher’s Book of piano accompaniment and duets, whilst Books 4 and 5 complement the tutor books with colour coded duets and trios, establishing ensemble playing skills.
Young flure player playing flute


Karen has taught flute for over thirty years, working with young children, adult beginners and more advanced music students. With a Master of Music Degree (University of New South Wales), a B.A.Honours Music Degree (University of Sydney) and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Music), Karen is more than qualified to be educating both kids and adults on the many aspects of learning to play the flute. Following graduation, Karen completed orchestral conducting studies in Europe before returning to Australia to conduct a number of concerts and musical productions. Karen’s teaching career has included working at government and private schools with both primary and secondary levels.
Cute young player playing flute
Want to learn and master the flute but not sure where to start?
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